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We offer several services through your sales and marketing network. This includes folding bikes, scooters, electronic items, firewood, etc.

Founded in 2014 by Alice Dupot and Leonel Giraud, we offer high quality ?Bike Sales? services which must be easy to use on a daily basis, putting all our energy at the service of innovation and technology.

Every day, a hyperactive team is mobilized to offer you a constantly updated catalog, answer your questions and guarantee 100% traceability of our products.

Our daily commitments

Personalized customer service in your department based at the company's headquarters

Professional quality controls carried out by our teams

Selection and availability of products, more than 90% of our furniture is in stock

The best price for every Bike.

Personalized customer service available

To ensure a quality of service that meets your expectations, we offer online customer service.

We process your requests directly and give your questions a personalized and quick response.

By adopting a Live Your Life approach, we want to enable as many people as possible to enjoy every minute of every day while living life to the fullest. Join us for outdoor Cycling and enjoy nature, sun, wind and fresh air, while exercising and improving your health. With the extra power the e-bike gives you, discover new trails, birds, plants, and even new parts of your city by riding farther than you ever have before.

We love folding bikes and e-bikes and our mission is to help people enjoy the outdoors while riding top-rated e-bikes. All members of our customer service and support team are e-bike enthusiasts. We're as passionate about the latest industry trends and innovations as you are. We love sharing this knowledge with you and are happy to help you find the perfect bike that meets your needs at the lowest price.